What’s next for you?http://tw.nextmedia.com/applenews/article/art_id/33465670/IssueID/20110617What’s next for you?下一步有什麼打襯衫算? Abby:Carl, I’m so sorry to hear about your getting laid off. It’s so unfair.艾比:卡爾,很遺憾聽到你要被裁員。真是太不公平了。買屋Carl:Well, I only started six months ago.So of course I’m the first to go.卡爾:唉,我六個月之前才到職。當然是先叫我走路。Abby: Do 結婚西裝you have another job lined up?艾比:你有安排好另一個工作嗎?Carl:No. I didn’t know about this till last week.卡爾:沒有。我直到上星期澎湖民宿才得知這件事。Abby:Wow. They never give you a heads-up, do they? Are you going to startlooking for a new job right away?艾比:哇。他們情趣用品都不會先通知你,是吧?你會馬上開始找下一個工作嗎?Carl:I really want to find a job soon. I’m gonna start sending out resumestomorrow.酒店工作卡爾:我很希望快點找到工作。我明天就要開始投履歷。Abby:Will you be OK financially if you don’t find a job right away?艾比:如果沒有馬訂做禮服上找到工作,你財務上還過得去吧?Carl:Yeah. I was smart and saved for a rainy day.卡爾:可以的。我很精明,未雨綢繆存了點錢了。 Are you 酒店工作going to start looking for a new job right away? 你也可以這樣說● Are you going to look for another position immediately?你會馬上開始找室內裝潢下一份工作嗎?● Are you going to start a new job search soon?你會馬上開始求職嗎?● Are you going to go job hunting right away?你會馬西裝外套上進行求職嗎?
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